DEADPOOL (and horror and zombies and social critique)

Guest Writer:  Michael J. Miller

Deadpool 3
Photo Credit – Marvel Comics

Horror fans, you are in luck!  You know how Deadpool’s captivated the country and broken allllll sorts of box office records with his new movie??  Well, it turns out the Merc with a Mouth is no stranger to the horror genre either.  That’s right!  Everyone’s favorite box office darlin’ the Sassin’ Assassin has starred in several solid horror comics too.  SO, if you like your Deadpool served a la Ryan Reynolds (and who doesn’t?!) then head to the theatre this weekend (along with the rest of America).  BUT, if you like your Deadpool filtered through the lens of a horror tale, then this amazing story needs to be included in your reading list.  Before he was a big time movie star, Deadpool walked the world of horror.  Just like on film, Deadpool delivers.  And there’s a lot more to this story than you might expect. Continue reading “DEADPOOL (and horror and zombies and social critique)”

DEADPOOL (and horror and zombies and social critique)