Surviving Horror When You’re Scared of EVERYTHING

Guest Writer: Michael J. Miller

Photo Credit – Ghostbusters (1984)

I am a huge baby.  I don’t try to hide this.  When Kalie and I began dating two years ago I’d only seen one or two horror movies.  Why?  I don’t like being scared so I didn’t like them.  However, apparently part of being in a relationship is sharing each other’s interests soooo now I spend a lot of time watching horror movies.  Aaaagggh!!!  As I’ve embarked on this frightful foray into the world of horror (beginning with Annabelle and most recently A Cure For Wellness) I’ve come to appreciate and even enjoy the genre in my own way.  I’ve also developed a series of coping mechanisms so I can survive watching these films.  So, if you’re like me and you’re forced to watch you enjoy horror movies but are TERRIFIED while watching them, try these tricks!

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Surviving Horror When You’re Scared of EVERYTHING